After-School & Classroom Programs Lemonade Alley for Youth Groups, Teachers & Schools

Lemonade Alley for Youth Groups, Teachers & Schools

The Lemonade Alley® System is a project-based learned experience used in after-school programs and inside the classroom.

Workbook & Teacher’s Guide

Lemonade Alley after school youth entrepreneur teacher guide and workbook system | BizGym FoundationBizGym Foundation publishes a customizable curriculum system at This system can be done in a day, weekend, week-long camp or through a semester. Suitable for students in grades K-12, workbooks feature embedded leadership training, how to build a business, be food safe and how to think big. Contents include:

  • Build a Team
  • Create a Big Idea
  • Invent a Product
  • Make a 1-Page Business Plan
  • Create a Store
  • Perfect Your Process
  • Make Your Marketing
  • Create Your Pitch
  • Test, Tweak & Tweet

For more, see Entrepreneurial Workbook Curriculum »

Hawaii DOE Video

The Hawaii Department of Education provides the following resource video on use of Lemonade Alley in school environments:

By Hawaii Department of Education, See Teacher’s Lemonade Alley Video »

Run Your Own Lemonade Alley Event

You can run your own Lemonade Alley at your campus. Schools and organizations are invited to use the program so long as the use is legal, in good taste, you don’t harm the brand and you operate within the Lemonade Alley license agreement. Here’s how to get started:

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  • Register a New Lemonade Alley Event. Inaugurate a Lemonade Alley by signing up at Startup an Event »
  • Form Teams. Create teams of 2-5 students in three grade divisions: K-4, 5-8 & 9-12. Mixed-age teams compete in the oldest member’s division. Teams can come from your class, school, companies, nonprofits, youth groups or via friends & family.
  • Select Charities. Find a nonprofit organization to raise money for (it can be your own school or youth organization), You can also contribute to multiple charities or donate to Lemonade Alley.
  • Register a Lemonade Alley License. Lemonade Alley® System comes in three challenge levels. We recommend starting with the simplest version and building over time into larger, more complex events.
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