Lemonade Alley® Resources Spreadsheets, Forms, Formats, Graphics & More!

Everything You Need

The Lemonade Alley® System includes all the forms and systems you’ll need to make an awesome event. Once your license registration is approved, system content will be made available to you for download. Forms and Systems include:

Master Contact List

  • Spreadsheet: teams, volunteers, judges, mentors, committee, sponsors


  • Team: Entry Form
  • Team: “StoryTree” Biz Plan
  • Team: Reimbursement Form
  • Team: Income Collection Form
  • Charity: Approved Charity Form
  • Participant: Parental Consent
  • Student Workbook (3M PDF. Set up to print B&W on 7 tabloid 11″x17″ pages front & back and staple bind)

Judging & Tabulation

  • Judging: Taste Test
  • Judging: StoryTree Biz Plan
  • Judging: Booth Design
  • Judging: Sales Pitch
  • Tabulation: Master Rubric (including Sales)

Pre-Event Solicitation

  • Sponsor: Plea Letter
  • Sponsor: Sponsor Agreement
  • Judge: Plea Letter
  • Judge: Judge Agreement
  • Mentor: Plea Letter
  • Mentor: Mentor Agreement
  • Volunteer: Plea Letter
  • Volunteer: Volunteer Agreement
  • Media: Plea Letter

Post-Event Letters

  • Sponsor: Tax Donation Confirmation
  • Sponsor: Thank You & Performance Report
  • Donor: Tax Donation Confirmation & Thank You
  • Judge: Thank You & Performance Report
  • Mentor: Thank You & Performance Report
  • Volunteer: Thank You & Performance Report
  • Team: Thank You & Performance Report

Event Planning

  • Checklist: Planning Timeline & Checklist

Graphics & Marketing

  • Official Logos: color, B&W, transparent
  • Website: LemonadeAlley.com/regional-page
  • Fact Sheet: PDF 8.5×11
  • Promotions: Posters & Flyers
  • Site Signage: Banners, Selfie Walls & Signage
  • SWAG: T-Shirts, Stickers, Wristbands, Umbrellas
  • Program: One-page B&W
  • Awards: Giant Checks, Medals
  • Certificates: Participants, Sponsors, Committee

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