Start a Lemonade Alley How to Start Your Own Lemonade Alley Event

3 Lemonade Alley Challenge Levels

The Lemonade Alley® System is packaged in three levels of complexity. Whether you’re a newbie Lemon Head or a veteran of Lemonade Alley, we have the system for you. Our pre-packaged levels are built as checklist systems for your “Lemon Crew” to execute from. All packages anticipate that your Crew will have their own ideas so you can improvise starting from any of our packages. Levels include:

L1: Simplest Event

The simplest way to have a Lemonade Alley is to assemble some charity, business or school teams and them sell lemonade without contest judging. Recommended for fist-timers and non-event planners. Learn More »

L2:  Semi-Contest

A basic Lemonade Alley event plus add-ons as your team sees fit. Recommended for host organizations with some event planning experience. Learn More »

L3: Full Contest

This is the “Big Kahuna” of Lemonade Alley events. Recommended for creative and capable event planners. Learn More »

SEE ALSO, Lemonade Alley 10-Session Program

Lemonade Alley 10 Wrokshop Series for After school youth entrepreneurship programsThis is a school curriculum system for use in classrooms or in after school programs. Includes Student Workbook, Teacher’s Guide & Mini Lemonade Alley Event Instructions, everything you need to form teams, teach entrepreneurship and hold a contest of your own. Comes with forms, scrip and instructions.

Mentor’s Guide at »A portion of proceeds supports Lemonade Alley   Workbooks at »A portion of proceeds supports Lemonade Alley

Start a Lemonade Alley Today!

The Lemonade Alley® Program and use of trademark are available by license. Licenses costs nothing up front (a 20% Lemonade Tax on Gross Revenues is later shared equally by your host organization and the BizGym Foundation).

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