Awards & Prizes

Winnings for Hawai’i 2020

The Lemonade Alley Hawai’i contest features many recognitions and prize packages. Here’s how awards and prizes work:

Gift Bags & Medals: Every student gets a bag loaded with all sorts of goodies provided by local companies. All participants get an amazing maker medal by our very own Mr. John LeBlanc and his good buddy Doc Rock (Mr. John is the big guy running the stage every year ~ be sure to thank him when you see him around stage).

Recognition Awards: These are recognitions for excellence in the various judging categories. They are awesome for making your resume look great. They include:

  • Concept Awards
    • Best “StoryTree” Business Plan
    • Biggest Business Idea
    • Zestiest Concept
    • Most Squeezable Concept
  • Product Awards
    • Best Flavor
    • Best Use of Local Ingredients
    • Healthiest Recipe
    • Best “Cupping” Presentation
  • Marketing Awards
    • Best Overall Brand Story
    • Best Signage
    • Best Retail Process
    • Best Uniforms
  • Sales Pitch Awards
    • Best Overall Sales Pitch
    • Most Entertaining
    • Most Creative
    • Most Compelling
  • Impact Awards
    • Most Impactful to People (empower, support, serve)
    • Most Impactful to the Planet (reduce, reuse, recycle, C02 reduction, etc.)
    • Most Impactful to Philanthropy (tell their story, donation support)

Special Awards: There are a number of Best of Show awards. These may include:

  • Mayor’s Award: includes an invitation to appear at the Mango Jam Festival.
  • Restaurant Features: selection of a recipe to feature at their location.

    Awards & Prizes are subject to change so check back to this page for prize opportunities and adjustments.

    "Profit to Share" Event

    An innovation challenge for students to raise money for a charity of their choice.

    Annual Spring Contest

    Run Lemonade Alley at your school and/or apply for our annual spring runoff that happens the 3rd week of April.

    Leading-Edge Learning

    Employer-demanded “Soft Skills” are driving more schools to integrate hands-on project-based learning, innovation and entrepreneurial learning into classrooms.

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