Street-Legal Lemonade Make a Lemonade Stand the Cops Won't Shut Down

Street-Legal Lemonade

When police are forced to close lemonade stands, it tears at the heart. But youth entrepreneurs must learn that foodservice is serious business and that laws exist to keep us safe and healthy. To address this issue, Chief Lemon Head Steve Sue wrote a workbook empowering every “lemon-preneur” to have a safe and fun lemonade stand experience. Included items:

  • Business Planner
  • Recipe Maker
  • Stand Designer
  • Pitch Writer
  • Permits & Laws
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Invitation to Police & Youth Organizations

We invite law enforcement, government agencies and nonprofits to partner with Lemonade Alley in promoting this Amazon book (see link below) and/or distributing this workbook. For bulk distribution, Contact Us »

Purchase  at »A portion of proceeds supports Lemonade Alley