Lemonade Alley Workbook Prepare for a Lemonade Alley Challenge!

Lemonade Alley Workbook

This workbook prepares K-12 students for the Lemonade Alley challenge, in which teams of 2-5 youth entrepreneurs create lemonade recipes, design stands and compete in a hands-on event to see who can make the most for their favorite charities.

How to Prepare for a Kid-Biz Challenge

The Lemonade Alley Workbook includes:

  • Team Builder: how to select your president, treasurer and other key team members.
  • Customer Analyzer: how to understand your customers and what they desire.
  • Product Maker: create main products, up-sell products and learn how to package your offerings for customers.
  • Profit Estimator: figure out how much your business will earn.
  • Store Designer: create a sales environment that makes your offerings shine.
  • Pitch Writer: craft a sales pitch that makes your audience sit up and take notice.
  • Business Plan Writer: create a 1-page business plan that brings all your ideas together.
  • And more!
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