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For schools signing up for Lemonade Alley, Oahu, we offer in-class/on-campus visitations by Lemonade Experts. You’re also invited to use our free event Playbook to run your own Lemonade Alley anywhere, anytime. How it works:

Sign Up

When you sign up for Lemonade Alley, check the request for campus visitation box. We’re happy to drop by your facility if your school is on the island of Oahu or we can drop in remotely by video conference if you’re off the island of Oahu. See Enter Hawai’i 2020 »

Visitation Types

We offer three types of visitations that can be used run at any age, but are generally built for Elementary, Middle and High School levels:

  • Garnishing Exercise 1 (50 minutes): Begins with a Lemonade Expert introducing the basics of smell, taste and basic lemonade making. Teams of students are invited to garnish (teachers provide candies, herbs or yard fruit/citrus etc.) onto pre-made lemonade. Teams record recipes on a 1-page Recipe Card Handout that includes Team Name, Recipe Name and intended customers.
  • Garnishing Exercise 2 (1-2 hours): Begins with a Lemonade Expert introducing the basics of smell, taste and basic lemonade making. Teams of students are provided with a pitcher of lemonade and a kit of cups, garnishes (fruits, candies, straws, etc.) and drawing supplies. Teams create recipes, record recipes on a 1-page Recipe Card Handout and design promotional signage. Options for judging or running a school community marketplace can follow. This program can be expanded with pre-market day design classes for posters and menu boards.
  • Maker Market (2-4 hours): Students assemble into teams, preview a Grocery Store of available materials (anything for lemonade making, garnishing and cupping), create a 1-page business plan, go to a bank for a loan (10% interest paid back at end), use loan proceeds to purchase materials at the Grocery Store, and make their products & promotional items. Each student is given a small amount of scrip to purchase items and/or school community is invited to purchase in a team marketplace. Teams return to the bank to pay off loans and deposit proceeds including earmarking what proceeds are to be used for (reinvestment, staff salaries, charitable contributions, etc.). This exercise is ideal for middle and high school. It can also be broken up into multiple sessions.
  • Your Own LAlley Planning Kick-Off: If your school wishes to produce it’s own on-campus Lemonade Alley event, we’re happy to provide a free Lemonade Alley Playbook and meet with your production team to help kick-off the planning. Our playbook includes production tips, rules, judging rubric, banking, tabulation, logistical information and other helpful items.

Student Workbooks & Teacher’s Guide

If you wish to use Lemonade Alley as a semester-long Project-Based Learning experience, we invite you to purchase Lemonade Alley curriculum (one workbook per student and one teacher’s guide per teacher). Student workbooks include: Build a Team, Create a Big Idea, Invent a Product, Create an Up-Sell, Make a B-Plan, Make a Menu, Perfect Your Process, Make Your Marketing, Create Your Pitch and Test, Tweak & Tweet lessons. All lessons are optional and can be taught in any order.

Student Workbooks and a Teacher’s Guide are provided as part of Lemonade Alley, Oahu Runoff Contest Packages.

Additional workbooks and guides can be purchased at or directly from Bizgenics Foundation at a 10% discount from the Amazon price:

  • Student Workbooks: Order direct from Bizgenics to save 10% off Amazon! $9.00/ea.
  • Teacher’s Guide: Order direct from Bizgenics to save 10% off Amazon! $9.00/ea.

Lemonade Alley 10 Workshop Series for After school youth entrepreneur programs

"Profit to Share" Event

An innovation challenge for students to raise money for a charity of their choice.

Annual Spring Contest

Every 3rd Saturday in April

Pearlridge Mall, Uptown Center Stage, Aiea, O’ahu

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