How It Works

Culinary Entrepreneur Challenge

Lemonade Alley is a project-based learning (“PBL”) experience designed to scale in complexity from elementary “play-space learning” to middle school “maker-space learning” to high school “innovation-based learning”. See Lemonade Alley’s approach to Education Theory » 

An annual run off event formerly occurred every April on the island of Oʻahu before the COVID-19 pandemic. Now schools are invited to use our free materials to run their own on-campus Lemonade Alley experiences any time of the year whether in or outside of Hawaiʻi.

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In-Class Support

A variety of in-class and on-campus support is available to teachers entering teams in the annual runoff event. For schools on the island of Oʻahu, in-class/on-campus visitations by lemonade experts can be arranged. For neighbor islands and beyond, experts are available by video conference. See info at In-Class Support »


Checkout the Alley!

Student voice is amped to zingy & zesty levels at Lemonade Alley! See some cool ideas in these vids… they’re a feast for the eyes!