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Classroom Support, School Division & Runoff Event

Culinary Entrepreneur Challenge

Lemonade Alley is a project-based learning (“PBL”) experience designed to scale in complexity from elementary “play-space learning” to middle school “maker-space learning” to high school “innovation-based learning”. See Lemonade Alley’s approach to Education Theory » 

While an annual run off event occurs every April on the island of Oahu, schools are invited to use our free materials to run their own on-campus Lemonade Alley experiences any time of the year whether in or outside of Hawai’i.

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April Runoff Contest

The annual runoff features schools and independent teams competing for awards and prizes that exemplify the spirit of Lemonade Alley’s “Profit to Share!” motto.

School Division: Schools are invited to hold their own pre-events to select a team to represent their school in the runoff. On-campus events can be simple in-class mixology experiences or large special events like as an insert to a school fair ~ scale is entirely up to each school. Schools wishing to enter multiple teams can enter additional teams in the Open Division noted below. Teachers may also take advantage of our In-Class Support »

Open Division: Team space not taken by schools will be available for teams outside the school division. Home schoolers, families and friends teams are invited to sign up.

In-Class Support

A variety of in-class and on-campus support is available to teachers entering teams in the annual runoff event. For schools on the island of Oahu, in-class/on-campus visitations by lemonade experts can be arranged. For neighbor islands and beyond, experts are available by video conference. See program alternatives at In-Class Support »

12 Simple Steps

1. Review the Rules

Smart entrepreneurs know to read rules so they can push the envelope of success. See full contest details at Contest Rules »

2. Choose a Charity

When you sign up, choose a charity to donate your sales proceeds to. You can select from a list of prior charities or note your own. You can also choose to support your own school.

3. Invent a Recipe

Express your creativity by maing a unique lemonade. While “Lemoniness” is one of the judging criteria, you can add other things to create amazingly unique recipes. There are a number of special awards for different types of recipes like healthy, presentation and local, so don’t be shy to get creative. See Prizes »

You can also sell other things like games or snacks provided they are legal and  food safe. See Contest Rules »

4. Plan Your Biz

Planning is everything. And we judge it. So create your 1-page “StoryTree” Business Plan and be sure to have it on display at your booth. You can download a sample StoryTree at StoryTree Business Plan »

You’ll also need to download, complete and display at your booth a Food Safety Certificate »

5. Build a Booth

Each team will be assigned a booth location with specific space limitations. Each location will be taped on the floor and conformance will be strictly enforced to ensure that each team is treated fairly. This mirrors real-world retail where you only get the space that you rent, so be prepared to “Squeeze” into your spot. One exception to the space requirement is that mascots and sample distributors may roam in designated public areas. Booths will be judged by a number of criteria including signage, flow, and use of recycled materials. For more, see space requirements in Contest Rules »

6. Set Up

You may arrive early on the morning of the event to begin setting up your booth. Specific times and instructions will be provided by the Team Liason prior to the event.

7. Sell & Greet

Get creative in how you promote and sell your lemonade and other products. Flyers, coupons, raffles and taste tests are all common. You should also be on the look out for roaming Business Plan and Booth Judges.

8. Serve at Taste Test

Each team must prepare a tray of samples for the on-stage Taste Test Judging sequence. One sample for each Judge and an extra sample for the Photo Display Table are required.

The primary Maker of your recipe will be interviewed onstage by an Emcee while the rest of your team serves the Judges.

At the end of the sequence, you will take a team picture with your recipe at the Photo Display Table.

9. Pitch on Stage

Each team is invited to the main stage to present their product(s) through a 1-minute pitch. Many teams do a dance, rap, song, skit or reading. This is entertainment, so get creative in your presentation. See videos on this website for ideas on what others have done in the past.

10. Deposit at Lemon Bank

Each team will be reminded to make sales proceeds depoists at the on-site Lemon Bank. You will create a sposit slip and get a receipt in return. You can also submit purchase receipts to get reimbursed for expenses from your sales proceeds.

11. Win Prizes

There are many prizes taht are derrived from specific judging category criteria. See Awards & Prizes »

12. Donate to Charity

A week or two after the event, a donation check made out to your charity will be mailed to your adult team mentor. A supply reimbursement check will be made out to your adult team mentor and mailed at the same time.


Checkout the Alley!

Student voice is amped to zingy & zesty levels at Lemonade Alley! See some cool ideas in these vids… they’re a feast for the eyes!