Do pre-event scrip sales get credited to our charity?

Not directly. Pre-Event Scrip sales will be credited toward Teams’ Sales Performance Judging Criteria but ARE NOT donated directly to Team Charities. Such funds go into the general pool of money that is paid out to team charities based on amount of scrip collected on show day. Thus, if a team sells two scrip before the event and one is collected by that team on show day, only funds from that one scrip will go to the team’s charity. If the second scrip is redeemed at another booth, the booth #2 charity will receive that amount. If the scrip is not redeemed at all, it stays in the pot to be retained by Lemonade Alley. If a donor wishes scrip be credited toward a specific team’s charity, such scrip should redeemed or donated on the day of show at  the desired team’s booth.

Posted in: 9. Reimbursements & Charity Donations