What happens to booth sponsor donations?

Sponsors can do one of two things: 1. Donate as a 2X Booth Bonus Sponsor, (by check to BizGym Foundation ~ turn in day of show) or; 2. Buy Scrip or Contribute Cash to Team’s Tip Jar on day of show. The first method results in the team getting twice the Sales Performance points toward competition judging and donated proceeds go to Lemonade Alley to support the event. The second path of donating to the booth on show day results in funds being first available for team reimbursement costs, the Lemonade Tax (20%) and the balance going the team’s charity. In both versions, tax deduction receipts will be available at Scrip Tents. Sponsors don’t have to donate at published corporate sponsor levels thus can donate any amount they wish.

Posted in: 9. Reimbursements & Charity Donations