Facts Sheet


Founded: 2011, ʻIolani School, Honolulu, HI

Divisions: School & Open Divisions. Two age ranges in each division K-6 and 7-12.

Subjects: social ventures, business modeling, invention, marketing, sales, financial/bank literacy, collaboration, leadership development.

Teaching Style: Project-Based Learning.

Local Hawaiʻi Options: Schools may run their own contests with in-class support.

Out of Hawaiʻi Options: Schools are invited to use challenge materials to run Lemonade Alley on their own.

100% Tax Deductible Donations

Cash donations are greatly appreciated. Donated funds are used to continually improve the Lemonade Alley System and make it available to students. Organizations can also sponsor school events (please inquire if interested). Donations are 100% tax deductible.

Donate by Check: Payable to “Lemonade Alley c/o Bizgenics” & send to Bizgenics, 1012B 18th Ave. Honolulu, HI 96816.

Online: Donate by credit card or PayPal

"Profit to Share" Event

An innovation challenge for students to raise money for a charity of their choice.

Leading-Edge Learning

Employer-demanded “Soft Skills” are driving more schools to integrate hands-on project-based learning, innovation and entrepreneurial learning into classrooms.

Media Contacts

Steve Sue, Chief Lemon Head | steve[at]bizgenics.org

Official Website: lemonadealley.com



2011 Founded at ʻIolani School, Honolulu: Lemonade Alley grew out of the BizGym.com entrepreneur’s growth system being used at ʻIolani.

2011 Continuation Grant by Capital One 360 Bank: Capital One 360 offered a grant to make the program a permanent event. BizGym, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization was created to accept and manage the grant.

2012 Workshops Added: Primer workshops where teams work with chefs, retail designers, and pitch experts were added to the Lemonade Alley System.

2011-2015 Various Hawaii Site Hosts: Aside from ʻIolani School, site hosts have included ING Direct Bank, Capital One 360, Hyatt Regency Waikiki, and Pearlridge Center.

2015, First Off-Island Lemonade Alley: Produced by NBC and YMCA in the San Francisco Bay Area at the Fremont Festival of the Arts, an event that attracts over 400,000 visitors over a weekend.

2015, System & Trademark License Introduced: Lemonade Alley was built into three levels of complexity from a simple sales event to fully-judged contest event.

2015, Significant Numbers Reached: In the first 5 years of operations, 100 team competed, 35 charities were benefited, and over $40,000 raised by students for their favorite charities.

2015, 5th Anniversary: See the 5th Anniversary Video.

2018, Moved Indoors: 8th Anniversary and first time the event was held indoors.

2020, Event Cancelled Due to COVID-19: Pivoted to a do-it-yourself curriculum model.

2021, New Curriculum Launched: The “Lemonade Market” curriculum provides a complete system to effectively run your Lemonade Alley.

Producer Awards

Bizgenics has been recognized by the Hawaii Better Business Bureau as the 2014 Charity of the Year, by Pacific Business News as 2015 Charity of the Year Finalist, by Hawaii Venture Capital Association as 2015 Social Charity of the Year Finalist and by Chaminade University as a 2013 Nonprofit Business Plan of the Year Finalist.

Contact Information

Steve Sue, Chief Lemon Head | steve[at]bizgenics.org

Official Website: lemonadealley.com