Team Packet

Hawai’i 2020 Team Packet

Lemonade Alley Teams approved for the Hawai’i runoff competition will receive a competition packet that includes:

  • Student Workbook
  • Official T-shirt
  • Team Instructions

Additional Workbooks

Additional copies of the Student Workbook as well as a Teacher’s Guide Version can be purchased at or from Bizgenics Foundation at 10% discount from the Amazon price:

  • Student Workbooks: 10% off Amazon! $9.00/ea.
  • Teacher’s Guide: 10% off Amazon! $9.00/ea.

    "Profit to Share" Event

    An innovation challenge for students to raise money for a charity of their choice.

    Annual Spring Contest

    Every 3rd Saturday in April

    Pearlridge Mall, Uptown Center Stage, Aiea, O’ahu

    Leading-Edge Learning

    Employer-demanded “Soft Skills” are driving more schools to integrate hands-on project-based learning, innovation and entrepreneurial learning into classrooms.

    Media Contacts

    Steve Sue, Chief Lemon Head | steve[at]

    Official Website:


    Buy Books

    Buy books directly from Bizgenics for a 10% discount from the Amazon price. Payment includes free shipping.

    • Price: $9.00
    • Price: $9.00
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