2020 Lemonade Alley In-Class Support Begins

by | Feb 6, 2020 | Alley News, Contest Tips

Lemonade Alley in-class training kicked off in a zesty way this week at IPA with Chief Lemon Head, Steve Sue teaching tasteology (jelly bean style), how to tell a story with food and hands-on mixology.


Students learned that smell is a huge part of flavor science. While the tongue can detect 5 flavors (sweet, salty, sour, bitter, umame ~ savoriness) the nose detects approximately 10,000 scents. And without scents, even the best jelly beans don’t taste like much. Students also learned that smell sets up all flavors and that taste is a story with beginning, middle and end.

Hands-On Mixology

With this knowledge, students were equipped to evaluate and balance flavors and overtones (smells) as they created unique recipes with a variety of citrus, sweeteners, overtone flavors and garnishes. As they experimented and recorded, they learned parts, fractional conversions and how various conditions like temperature can change flavors. For example, a strong lemonade is needed if you’re using a shaker to super-cool the liquid as ice in the shaker melts as shaking is in progress.

Huge Mahalo to Principal Steve Ross and Elementary Sustainability and Innovation Coordinator Katherine Jones for spearheading Lemonade Alley at IPA. Ms. Jones leads all things gardening, sustainability and innovation (and more) in the Elementary Division at IPA. Says Ms. Jones,

We really can’t thank you enough for taking the time with our students on Tuesday to give them a lesson in Lemonade mixology and garnishing. It was truly an invaluable workshop that has put us all on the right foot as we go forward into this new learning experience. We are very excited to be on board this year!

Also huge thanks for Head of Schools Gerald Teramae and Development Director Be-Jay Kodama for bringing Lemonade Alley to IPA. We’re also looking forward to Project Lemon Tree later this year at IPA.

TEACHERS: If you’d like a mixology session for your Lemonade Alley team, see the Curriculum or Contact Us »