Parents…Let’s set our kids to Success!

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Want Your Kids Out of the Basement? Parents…Let’s set our kids to Success! 

As a parent, you know that rote memorization is still emphasized in many K-12 classrooms. When these outdated schools “teach for the test,” students frequently score well on standardized exams. But research shows they quickly forget most of what they were taught. The lasting value? Minimal.

This underscores the importance of cultivating “soft skills” in your kids. Do they communicate well? Are they adaptable? Do they collaborate effectively in teams? Can they analyze data? Can they resolve conflicts?

When your children participate in the annual Lemonade Alley kid-biz challenge, the answers to those critical questions become “yes.”

When you become involved in Lemonade Alley, you’ll see that this friendly contest has many supporters. Enlightened teachers encourage learning outside the classroom. Nonprofit organizations receive donations. Sponsors get behind a worthy cause. Volunteers give back to their communities. And youthful participants are the heart of Lemonade Alley, of course. They eagerly compete for prizes by selling lemony drinks and raising money for their favorite charities.

But Lemonade Alley’s most ardent fans should be you, the parents. You see the big picture. You realize that entrepreneurial activities and charitable giving are valuable resume boosters when students apply for scholarships and college admission.

Compiling an impressive GPA doesn’t guarantee admission to top universities. These institutions seek out well-rounded individuals with meaningful life experiences, including a commitment to helping the less fortunate. That’s what Lemonade Alley is all about. Hence our motto: “Profit to Share!”

Project-Based Learning is Where It’s At

How does Lemonade Alley develop soft skills? We’re a project-based learning exercise that engages your kids in profound and age-appropriate ways. As a result, the lessons learned last a lifetime.

In today’s world, it’s easy to access knowledge. Type a few words into a search engine and receive an abundance of information. The key for your kids is learning how to effectively use that information. That’s why soft skills are increasingly in demand on college campuses and in the workplace.

‘Most Likely to Succeed’ Points to Education’s Future

For an eye-opening look at how project-based learning is transforming education, check out “Most Likely to Succeed,” which screened on PBS stations and at numerous film festivals. Here’s the website:

As this powerful documentary reveals, rote memorization is going the way of the dinosaur. Soft skills are what kids – and adults – need today.

And that’s why you, as a parent, will love Lemonade Alley!

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