Giving Back: Lemonade Alley Ambassadors Inspire Contest Newbies – and Everyone Else!

by | Mar 27, 2017 | Alley News, Press, Alumni Stories, Wall of Fame

Giving Back: Lemonade Alley Ambassadors Inspire Contest Newbies – and Everyone Else!

Lemonade Alley Ambassadors, here they come! Now that the Lemonade Alley kid-biz challenge is in its seventh year, participants from the previous six contests are lending their support to newbies. These seasoned competitors not only provide technical advice for the next generation of “kidpreneurs,” they serve as inspirational role models for young people and adults alike.Lemonade Alley Ambassadors

That’s why we honor these contest veterans by dubbing them “Lemonade Alley Ambassadors.”

If you checked out our free how-to workshops on concocting lemon drinks, designing stands and pitching business plans, you might have met some of the girls from LemonAID for Love.

These outstanding Ambassadors – Sara Brekke, Sierra Choi, Marina Choi, Callie Cayaban and Kanoelani Walker – competed in three previous Lemonade Alley contests. The girls then used the money they raised to dig water wells for impoverished villagers in Nepal.

Sending Aloha from Hawaii to Nepal

The girls donated their contest proceeds to the WaterAid charity, which points out that Nepal’s extreme landscape prevents more than 2 million people from gaining routine access to clean water. Reaching water sources in this mountainous terrain can be extremely hazardous, which is why people sustain serious or fatal injuries as they traverse steep paths and ravines.

Contaminated water is another major concern in Nepal and elsewhere. Tragically, children in Third World countries often die from waterborne illnesses. For without clean water, sanitation and hygiene, the development and overall well-being of these kids are jeopardized.

So far, LemonAID for Love has provided funding for 23 wells in Nepal. That means more than 550 people from 92 families lead better lives by drinking clean water. And it’s not a stretch to say that some of those villagers are probably alive today thanks to LemonAID for Love’s aloha and global awareness.

Mahalo nui loa for a job well done!