Water Wells in Nepal by Lemonaid for Love!

by | Nov 3, 2016 | Alumni Stories

We’re so excited to see Sara Brekke giving us a shout out from Nepal to show us first hand one of the 25 water wells Team Lemonaid for Love (Sierra Choi, Marina Choi, Callie Cayaban, Sara Brekke, Kanoelani Walker) built over the last three years with their earnings from Lemonade Alley!

We first encountered Sara tagging along after her Dad, Mark Brekke. Mark was shooting a video of Lemonade Alley workshops back in 2015 for the Hawaii Department of Education. Sara was a lot smaller then yet you could just see the gears going in her head. After the second tagalong day, she asked if she could play Lemonade Alley. We of course said, “Yes!” And three years of support for the needy in Nepal resulted… we hope Sara and team continue with Lemonade Alley for years to come.

Congrats Lemonaid for Love. You guys are an inspiration to all of us!