Ronalyn Reyes Arrives at BizGym Foundation

by | Nov 19, 2016 | Alley News

Lemonade Alley and BizGym Foundation are stoked to welcome Ronalyn Reyes to our zesty bestie family. Roni is in the house to head up our new BizBuzz Lemonade Coffee program as well as oversee Lemonade Alley and the coming BizzyB program.

Ronalyn Reyes (Roni) does the BizBuzz Lemonade Coffee | BizGym Foundation

Ronalyn Reyes: The Queen of BizBuzz!

Roni will be traveling to every corner of Hawaii to get the BizBuzz going on at coffee shops, restaurants, bars and other food service establishments. The goal of the program is to get food operators to add BizBuzz Lemonade Coffee to their menus and tack on an extra 20% to donate back to Lemonade Alley. Get buzzed Roni, the time is now!!!

Lemonade Alley Kid-Biz Challenge

Roni will also be helping produce Lemonade Alley this coming April, so look out for her… she’ll be the bizzy buzzy one flitting about Lemonade Alley! Entrepreneurial Learning Platform

Our newest project at BizGym Foundation is a new online entrepreneurial learning system. BizzyB is a kid version of, our online entrepreneur’s growth platform. Roni will be up to her ears in getting BizzyB off the ground as well.

So welcome Roni when you see her… she’s the latest twist to our Lemon Crew!