Who’s Counting at Lemonade Alley?

by | Apr 5, 2016 | Alley News, Contest Tips

Ms. Rae Olim, Chief Counting Cheese at Lemonade AlleyMs. Rae is counting! She’s counting Scrip. She’s counting sales. She’s counting on you to make a heap ton of money for your charities! so when you see her at Lemonade Alley, be sure to let her know that she can count on you to get all the money in the right place.

Ms. Rae is the Chief Counting Cheese at Lemonade Alley and also does all of the BizGym Foundation bookkeeping ~ all on a volunteer basis. It’s a huge amount of work and she does it as her give-back to youth and society. Outside of non-profit work, Ms. Rae runs a bookkeeping business that keeps her most busy during tax season (uh, that’d be April…) but of course Lemonade Alley is WAY more important than writing out a bunch of boring forms for the IRS. We salute you Ms. Rae, CCC for being an outstanding example of “Profit to Share!”

While at the show, if you dunno how to turn in your scrip, money or reimbursement receipts, go find Ms. Rae. She’s the cheese with the oil to make anything smooth… huh? Uh, just ask Rae. 🙂