The Prizemeister at Lemonade Alley: Laura Husbeck

by | Apr 1, 2016 | Donors, Alley News

Prize Lady Laura Husbeck | Lemonade AlleyEvery wonder who gets all those great prizes for Lemonade Alley? We’ll we have a very special prize lady named Laura Husbeck. She’s always on the hunt for great stuff to incentivize teams to do their best for charity. Got an idea for a prize? Contact Laura.

Prizes must be kid-friendly for grades K-12 and must be at least $100 retail value. Teams at Lemonade Alley can vary from 2-5 kids so think of gift baskets that can scale to accommodate fairness to all team members. Lemonade Alley features three divisions (Elementary, Middle School and High School) so your prizes should match age groups.

Past prizes have included featuring team recipes at restaurants (portion of proceeds to charity), parties for large groups, staycations at hotels including space for chaperones, gift certificates, swag, etc.

Branded items are fine and we always encourage theming gifts and prize titles to companies or non-profits so you can tell your story as well.