The Photographers of Lemonade Alley

by | Apr 4, 2016 | Donors, Alley News, Contest Tips

Mix kids, charities and lemonade stands together and you have the recipe for a shot-worthy event. And we have two of the best volunteering their time to capture the moments at Lemonade Alley.

Linda Sue photographer at Lemonade AlleyThis year, returning as always for EVERY YEAR, my very own sister, Linda Sue! Linda is a map-maker for the City of Honolulu by day and a photographer/craftserperson/family-friendly gal by night. I often think she’s turning into a lemon herself as her hair looks like the pulp next to her yellow Lemonade Alley shirts. But she no sour. Only sweet. So run up to her and jump up and down to get immortalized in one of her signature photographs.

Cliff Kimura Photographer at Lemonade AlleyWe also have Cliff Kimura returning to capture the zesty moments. Cliff has been with us every year for the past there years and his art is simply stunning. Cliff recently retired and travels the world in search of the perfect photographic subjects. But I suspect we can convince his to hang up his flying wings and just stay in Hawaii as we have the bet of the best with Lemonade Alley kids doing “Profit to Share!” Like Linda, look out for Cliff and thank him for recording some of the best moments of your life. One day you’ll look back at his photos and say, “Wow, I lived large as a kid before I became President of the Unites States of America…”