Queen liliuokalani Teams Do Market Research for Lemonade Alley

by | Apr 3, 2016 | Alley News, Contest Tips

Queen Liliokulani Youth Center at Lemonade AlleyNow here’s some really smart students from Queen liliuokalani Youth Center who served lemonade for free last week to test optional recipes. How do students know to do that? Very adult. Very smart. Smarter than adults actually. These guys were so smart that they made a ballot for tasters to give them feedback on their recipes. They then counted up the results to find out what are the best recipes and why.

Think this will help their performance in the Taste Test Judging? Absolutely. And many people gave them tips or ideas on other things to try. So Smart. Smartie Smart. Wicked Smartie Smart!

Cant’ wait to try their best recipe on April 9th at Pearlridge Center
IMG_0326Lemonade Ballot | Lemonade Alley