Pro Director of Photography Dennis Burns Shoots Lemonade Alley

by | Apr 2, 2016 | Donors, Alley News, Contest Tips

Dennis Burns 1013 Integrated Branding & Pacific Focus | Lemonade AlleyMeet Dennis Burns, one of the founding fathers of Lemonade Alley! The first time I had a notion to do it, Dennis was right there thinking how to make it bigger and better. He even went out and got the Famous Wally Amos ~ yeah, the cookie entrepreneur ~ to work with us to make a huge splash.

Dennis is a professional director of photography. That’s fanciness for saying he makes amazing video and film products. He shoots out of helicopters. He uses drones. He does TV and film. He owns a bunch of cool companies called 1013 Integrated, Visitor Video and Pacific Focus. AND he volunteers his time to record your “Profit to Share!” story. You know all those TV commercials you see the months before Lemonade Alley? That’s Dennis. And have you seen the video introductions to BizGym Foundation, Lemonade Alley and Camp BizGym? That’s all Dennis. Dennis is also so smart that we made him a BizGym Foundation Board of Directors Member which means he eats donuts and sips tea once a month with the other Board Members to think up cool programs for all you aspiring entrepreneurs out there.

You’ll see Dennis at the main event. He’s the Borg-looking guy with the camera growing out of his face. But don’t be scared… it’s just technology!

HUGE TIP: This year, Dennis is setting up an interview tent to capture your team and your charity’s story, so be sure to sort by his 1013 Integrated tent to record a sound-bite. Also make sure to bring people from your charity too so that they can tell their story and hopefully get others to support them as well.