PR Czar at Lemonade Alley: Tim Caminos

by | Apr 7, 2016 | Alley News, Contest Tips

Mr. Tim Caminos | Lemonade AlleyHey Lemonites! Ready to learn what a PR person does? Well that’s exactly what Mr. Tim Caminos does at Lemonade Alley. “PR” stands for Public Relations which means getting your story across to the public. That can mean by TV, radio, newspaper, social media, websites, etc.

Mr. Tim is an expert in this craft and helped Hawaii’s BBB (Better Business Bureau) do this for many years. Recently he purchased SuperGeeks, the computer repair and technology service company you see around the island. And he’s an owner in a new digital marketing agency called RankHI. Mr. Tim really knows how to get a story into the public and has done amazing things for getting the Lemonade Alley story out to you!

Mr. Tim is also a wine expert. He was the guy who tasted and purchased fancy wines for Roy’s Restaurants for years. And if you’ve participated in Lemonade Alley before, you’ve likely seen him as a VIP Taste Test Judge at Lemonade Alley. Mr. Tim will be back as a Judge this year as well so look for him and thank him for lending his taste buds at Lemonade Alley!