Olelo Back to Cover Lemonade Alley!

by | Apr 8, 2016 | Donors, Alley News

Olelo supports Lemonade AlleyOnce again, Olelo will be creating a 60-minute show on Lemonade Alley! Olelo has covered Lemonade Alley in this manner for the past 4 years! A big change this year is that Olelo camera people will be going hand-held to get more of the up-close and in-personal shots right in your lemonade stands, so get your hair done and look sharp!

And there are new faces in the Olelo team: Neal Rivera and Evern Williams. These new folks are sure to take good care of you, so treat them well!

Olelo supports Lemonade AlleyWe also bid a fond farewell to Michael Paz (pictured on right), who previously headed up the Olelo shoot in past years. Michael has moved to the mainland to help his family run restaurants in San Diego, CA. May be we can convince him to make some of our best lemonade recipes. 🙂