Mr. Stage at Lemonade Alley: John LeBlanc

by | Apr 6, 2016 | Alley News, Contest Tips

Mr. John LeBlanc | Lemonade AlleyHey Lemonites! Got fear over that upcoming 1-minute Sales Pitch at Lemonade Alley? Never fear, Mr. John is here! Mr. John is a stage pro. He’s a wicked guitar player who has traveled the world playing rock & roll. He has bands. He know tech stuff. And he’s an all-around rock-star of a nice guy. You are in good hands with him.

At Lemonade Alley, Mr. John will mic you up, tell you when to go on stage, and will be the hook man to grab you off the stage if you go over your allotted 1 minute limit. If you need performance pointers, ask him anytime. He’ll be around the stage early when you’re setting up your booths, so happen by and talk story on how to kill it on stage. Who knows, may be he’ll make you a star!