Mahalo to SuperGeeks!

by | Apr 6, 2016 | Donors, Alley News

SuperGeeks logoSuperGeeks has come to Lemonade Ally’s Rescue! Over the years, SuperGeeks owner Tim Caminos has judged our contest every year since 2012. And now his company comes in with the big bucks to make sure that Lemonade Alley has enough money to pay for all the items necessary to run the challenge.

1ce7b28Now on the juicy stuff: guess which section Mr. Tim judges?

  1. Business Plan
  2. Booth Design
  3. Sales Pitch
  4. None of the above

It’d kind of make sense for him to judge Business Plan as we worked at the Better Business Bureau for 6 years. And then he does own several store locations in Hawaii so Booth Design would also make sense. And since he’s always selling to new customers, he’s really qualified to judge Sales Pitch. But if you answered none of the above, you’re right!

Mr. Tim actually has been a Taste Test Judge every year as he’s a professional wine taster. The fancy name for that is a “Somalis” which means he has a very smart nose and a smart mouth. You see, before working for the BBB, Mr. Tim used to be a wine buyer for Roy’s Restaurants.

These days, Mr. Tim is also the owner of RankHI, a digital marketing agency in Honolulu, Hawaii. He’s also a BizGym Foundation Board Member so helps guide programs like Lemonade Alley.