Mahalo to City Mill & Chung Kun Ai Foundation!

by | Apr 5, 2016 | Donors, Alley News

Chung Kun AiHere’s how you can be helpful over a hundred years later: be like Mr. Chung Kun Ai. He was an amazing pioneer who moved his family from China to Hawaii back in the late 1800s. Read this:

“In 1879, at 14 years of age, Chung Kun Ai and his father sailed for Hawaii on a three-masted German schooner from the port of Whang Poo near Canton, China. Chung Kun Ai’s father had traveled to Hawaii eleven years earlier and had established himself as a merchant in Kohala, Kona Coast, Hawaii. With a prospering business, he returned to China to bring his family to their new home…” It’s an aspiring story that you can read here »
City Mill supports Lemonade AlleySimply OrganizedToday, two of his grand-children, brother and sister, Steven & Carol Ai continue to expand the Ai businesses (City Mill & Simply Organized) and do so with good hearts. We’re very thankful to have both monetary support from the Chung Kun Ai Foundation, but also the personal support of Carol Ai, who donates her time to sit on our BizGym Foundation Board of Directors where she helps guide the development of programs like Lemonade Alley.

Carol & Steven Ai support Lemonade AlleyHUGE MAHALO to Steven, Carol and the entire Chung Kun Ai clan!