Jamba Juice Features Lemonade Alley Recipes this Summer!

by | Apr 1, 2016 | Donors, Alley News, Contest Tips

Jamba Juice Prizes at Lemonade AlleyYou heard it right, Jamba Juice Hawaii will be picking 3 recipes from this year’s Lemonade Alley to feature at all 54 of their Hawaii stores! The winning teams will get to visit Jamba Juices formulation kitchen and help work their recipes into a commercial production recipe. Then this summer each team’s recipe will be sold at Jamba Juice stores for 1 month with a portion of proceeds going to your charity!

Here’s Mr. Glen from Jamba Juice giving the heads up at this year’s workshop on how to be most eligible for this special section. Some things to keep in mind:

  1. A Special Prize: This prize is not part of the rest of the judging. A special Jamba Juice judge will select recipes she thinks will work with Jamba’s existing materials and production processes.
  2. Do Your Research: checkout a Jamba Juice near you to see what they have in-store and how they make their drinks.
  3. Help Tell the Jamba Juice Story: Your recipe should reflect the fun and fresh brand of Jamba Juice. Help them tell their story!

Each winning team will also participate in a photo shoot to create in-store signage featuring you and your recipe. How fun is that? So let’s get those lemon heads on and think up some amazing stuff!