The Lemonade Alley Queen of Graphics (CMYK Graphics)

by | Apr 7, 2016 | Donors, Alley News

CMYK Graphics Tamiko Suzuki Lemonade AlleyEver wonder who’s behind all those great graphics at Lemonade Alley? We’ll we’re putting her here! Meet Tamiko Suzuki. Born and raised in Japan but lucky for us, now resident of Honolulu, Tamiko has been with Lemonade Alley right from the start. This picture in fact was from the inaugural Lemonade Alley in 2011!

Tamiko does all sorts of design graphics but is well-known for her work on Waikiki Trolley, JTB and Luxury Row. She also speaks and writes fluently in Japanese which makes her a superior communications designer for tourist-based businesses in Hawaii.

tamiko Suzuki | Lemonade AlleyTamiko is also spirited. She lives and breaths beautiful design and has a great sense of humor to boot. Take her fun play at Halloween time a couple years ago for example. I was just so happy to see this pumpkin, I had to shoot the pic. Tamiko: you’re the BEST!!!

Huge MAHALO to Tamiko for being living proof of “Profit to SHARE!”