LeiHut.com Loves Lemonade Alley!

by | Apr 4, 2016 | Donors, Alley News

LeiHut.com supports Lemonade AlleyFlashback! Here’s LeiHut.com supporting Lemonade Alley 6 years ago at the inaugural Lemonade Alley! LeiHut.com, is an online store that features stuff from Hawaii. Aloha Gourmet, Leis By Ron, Bubble Shack and Phiten Hawaii products are all featured on LeiHut. You can even buy leis from your dog from Lei Woof on LeiHut!

Myron Nakata LeiHut | Lemonade AlleyBut there’s more to this story than just time and years of LeiHut support. You see, the founder and owner of LeiHut is also one of the founders of Lemonade Alley! Meet Myron Nakata, Mr. supporter of many causes in Hawaii. Myron sits on many non-profit boards and helps in any way he can. We’re very lucky to have him on our side as Lemonade Alley would not exist if it were not for him.

LeiHut logo Lemonade AlleyIf you attended the workshops this year, you might have seen Myron mentoring. But unfortunately he has to be away on a business trip this year so will miss you all at Lemonade Alley. He does send his regards though and will be watching us all on Facebook so please send an FB shout out to him.