Charles & Lily Asato Support Lemonade Alley!

by | Apr 8, 2016 | Donors, Alley News

Charles & Lily Asato | Lemonade AlleyHuge Mahalo to Charles & Lily Asato for once again being one of Lemonade Alley’s largest sponsors. Charles & Lily have supported Lemonade Alley every since the very first year. Without their generous contributions, Lemonade Alley would not exist.

Unfortunately, you can’t thank them in person as they live in California and actually have never attended the event. But they are self-made entrepreneurs and believe in the power of the American Way. Charles & Lily were in fact born and raised in Hawaii (Maui and Kauai) by Okinawan plantation families and both families both moved to Oahu. But they didn’t meet until they both went to school on the mainland. Fortunately, their daughter Karen moved back to Hawaii at the age of 20 and even more fortunately, Mr. Steve meet Ms. Karen in Hawaii and Ms. Karen and Mr. Steve got married! So that makes Charles & Lily the grand-parents of Lemonade Alley!

Anyways we greatly appreciate all that they do for Lemonade Alley… once day we’ll get them to the show and have them wear crowns or capes or something cool. 🙂