Carole Kai Onouye of Great Aloha Run Gets “Profit to SHARE!”

by | Apr 8, 2016 | Donors, Alley News

Carole Kai Grat Aloha Run Gets Lemonade AlleyHuge MAHALO to Carole Kai Onouye, founder of Great Aloha Run and TV personality for supporting Lemonade Alley! Carole is best known as a Hawaii showroom headliner in the 1970’s, a local singing “Diva” in the 1990’s and as a co-host of Hawaii Stars, a local karaoke contest that was the most popular locally produced show of its kind in Hawaii.

Carole’s influence in the Hawaii entertainment and events market is so deep that yo might say that she is one of the mothers of Hawaii entertainment. In fact, our Lemonade Alley producer Alan Sunio cut his production teeth working on Carole’s events like the Great Aloha Run.

So we thank you Carole not only for supporting Lemonade Alley, but for creating so many opportunities and useful people here in Hawaii. Thanks for living “Profit to SHARE!”