B-Plan Tips by Seuss Juice on KHON2 Living 808 | Lemonade Alley

by | Apr 4, 2016 | Alley News, Contest Tips, Press

Seuss Juice on KHON2 Living 808 | Lemonade AlleyHey Lemonites! Here’s the Living 808 segment on how to think about a business concept for Lemonade Alley.

This video features Elijah (10) and Riley (11) of Team Seuss Juice chatting up how they came up with their concept. Are you ready for a Lemon Tree with Dr. Seuss in it? Oh boy! I can hardly wait! Mr. Steve just LOVES Dr. Seuss! And the reading corner. Wow! Great idea. Can also hardly wait until Elijah’s Mom reads us all to nap time.

And how lucky is Special Olympics Hawaii to have this team raising money for their programs! Elijah was amazingly smart and well-spoken in this interview. Riley too! Like Trini says, were just so proud of you kids!

Huge thanks to American Savings Bank for bring this segment to us through KHON2!

See you all on Saturday!