American Savings Bank is THE Lemon Bank, 2016!

by | Apr 7, 2016 | Donors, Alley News, Contest Tips

American Savings Bank | Lemonade Alley Lemon BankHere’s some big news Lemonites! American Savings Bank has signed on to be the first ever Lemon Bank at Lemonade Alley! That means that instead of auditors coming to your booths to pickup scrip and cash, you’ll be making deposits to a central location called the American Savings Bank Lemon Bank!

Why the change? So teams can learn financial and bank literacy. Through this process, teams will learn how to count, make deposits and collect receipts for their deposits. A few tips when making deposits:

  1. Envelopes with deposit times will be provided to the Treasurer of each team on competition day.
  2. Listen to your Treasurer who your the money person in charge of money.
  3. Count and rubber band sets of scrip and cash together before you go to the Lemon Bank to make a deposit.
  4. You may also include any sponsor donations and pre-sold scrip.
  5. Make deposits at the Lemon Bank.
  6. Keep the receipt you’ll be given for each deposit.

BTW, American Savings Bank has also provided the first place $1,000 cash prizes in each of the three divisions for the past 3 years. So be sure to thank them for their generous support!