Team “Lemonaid for Love” Back for 3rd Lemonade Alley

by | Mar 28, 2016 | Alley News, Alumni Stories

Lemonade for Love 2015

Lemonaid for Love, 2015

Team “Lemonaid for Love” is back for the third year in a row! And here’s Sierra Choi, Sara Brekke and Marina Choi in a video interview telling their story. How good is it? Well, in 2014, these amazing girls raised enough money to build 5 water wells for a very thirsty Nepal. Then in 2015, they raised enough for another 20 wells… yeah, count’em… that’s “2-0” as in twenty! But why they didn’t make them lemonade wells is beyond us… may be next year ~ Lemonade Wells… I think Willie Wonka would want in on that action… hmmm…

For 2016, Lemonaid for Love’s plan was to make even more wells, but since Nepal was recently hit with a horrible earthquake, they decided to contribute this year’s proceeds to Nepal Earthquake relief.

And we have word from the team that they’ve prepared an amazing dance for this year’s Sales Pitch extravaganza… you won’t want to miss this. These girls are all dancers and can really rip a stage!

Sadly, we’ll miss Kanoelani Walker this year as she has a scheduling conflict (I’m a huge fan of Kanoelani), but Callie Cayaban I’m hoping is still up for some Lemonaid! 🙂