Big Time Producer Alan Sunio Loves Lemonade Alley

by | Mar 30, 2016 | Alley News, Contest Tips

Alan Sunio Eventions | Lemonade AlleyAnyone seen this guy around Lemonade Alley? He’s a BMOC (Big Man on Campus) for sure. As the producer of Lemonade Alley, he makes sure everything is done right, safe and in a fun way.

HUGE TIP! Alan is very shy so be sure to run up to him and thank him for buying lots of your lemonade (yes, he loves lemonade… that’s why he looks like a brown Santa Claus). And he loves kids who make the world a better place.

Alan has produced huge events for many years and even has his own event production company called Eventions. What a clever name! Remember the triathlon that ran up H3 Highway? That’s Alan. Or the first time they had a walk on H3 just before the highway opened? That’s Alan. Then there’s Carol Kai’s fabulous Great Aloha Run ~ Yep, Alan helped with that event for years. You want a big show? Call Alan… thankfully we did. Now that he’s been part of our Lemon Family for the past two years, we’re sweeter than ever!

Desiree Somera & Trevor Danielsen | Lemonade AlleyOh and then there’s Desiree Somera… Des is also shy. It’s common among production people. They’re doers who selflessly toil and grind so you can have great time. In fact, it’s really hard to take pictures of them as they don’t like being recognized… but I’m Mr. Steve, the master of calling out awesome people! So you should know that Des volunteers all over town to good causes so we’re lucky to have her producing with Alan. If you see Des, give her a big toothy grin (especially if you’re missing teeth)… it’ll make her and her pocketbook melt… her money WILL BE YOURS. Oh, and that other guy in the pic, that’s Mr. Trevor… more on him later… he’s wicked fab too!

Anyways, a huge mahalo to Alan & Des for making all of our events from the Workshops to Interviews to the Main Event absolutely AMAZING!!!