A Slice of Lemonade Alley Life

by | Mar 26, 2016 | Alley News, Contest Tips, Alumni Stories

Angel & Eric Leterc | Lemonade AlleyHere’s what happens at Lemonade Alley. Kids get to invent. They have fun. The experience is cool because they get to choose a charity to raise money for. Kids excel and gain confidence. In this case, Angel, an aspiring actor and recent winner of a pageant, gets some stage time to both learn and entertain with Executive Chef Eric Leterc of the Pacific Club. How far can they take it? Well Angel decided that she needed to go on radio so she called the most popular radio show in all of Hawaii, the Perry & Price Show and booked an appearance for herself on Saturday, April 2, 2016. Listen in that morning to hear her work with the pros of radio Michael Perry and Larry Price.

Lisamarie | Lemonade AlleyThen there’s the parents. Here we have Angel’s mom Lisamarie, the consumate stage mom. Lisamarie is like a den mother on steroids organizing the whole team, recipe development, supplies and the like. She emails me personally at least every other day with questions and ideas. AND she’s already been through this once before!!! Haha… now that’s an engaged parent. We need more parents like Lisamarie in this world teaching good values and demonstrating that they really care.

to all the kids and parents participating in Lemonade Alley’s “Profit to Share!” contest, we salute you for being so fab!