L Alley 5th Anniversary Video

by | Aug 4, 2015 | Alley News

Lemonade Alley turned 5 this year! To memorialize the moment, BizGym Foundation Board Member Dennis Burns and his crew at 1013 Integrated donated a highlights video of Lemonade Alley moments from the past 5 years. Check it out:

Over 5 years, Lemonade Alley has featured over 100 kid teams and 40 charities. Even better, kids have raised over $40,000 for their charities! Also in this 5th year, Lemonade Alley made a 3,000 mile leap to the San Francisco Bay Area courtesy NBC Bay Area and YMCA Fremont/Newark who joined forces to bring Lemonade Alley to the Fremont Festival of the Arts, a huge festival that attracts more than 400,000 each year.

So to all the contestants, parents, teachers, sponsors, donors, volunteers, judges and BizGym Foundation Board Members who have made Lemonade Alley possible over the years, thanks for making the world a better place. You should all be proud of what we’ve created together!