Lemonade Alley ~ Fresh-Squeezed Fun

by | Apr 8, 2015 | Contest Tips

Fresh Lemonade With Starfish And SeashellsAs a kid, there was something magical about setting up an old-fashioned lemonade stand and making a bit of pocket change to do whatever you wanted with.  As a parent, what better way to engage the entrepreneurial spirit in your kids.

Lemonade Alley, the brainchild of Steve Sue, takes entrepreneurial learning a step further providing a fun, interactive way to teach kids how to make a business plan and how to pitch and sell. Best of all, Lemonade Alley teaches kids about community and giving, with all proceeds going to the young entrepreneurs’ charity of choice.

For more information email: help@lemonadealley.com

At Lemonade Ally, chefs are brought in to give ideas on how to make lemonade. Here’a a fresh recipe from Chef James at the Hilton Wakiki Beach Hotel.

Spa Water Lemonade


3/4 Gallon of Water
10  Lemons  (make sure to zest them and use the zest and juice from squeezing them)
10 Lemons sliced for presentation in the water (or slice the zested ones)
10 Limes (do the same thing as with the lemons)
2   Oranges (sliced and placed in the water for color and taste)
10 Strawberries (sliced in water for presentation and color)
1   Bunch of fresh Mint Sprigs
3   Cucumbers (sliced and added to water)
1/4 Gallon of brewed Lemon Chamomile or Green Tea (for health benefits and flavor. You can use raspberry, peach, mango or other flavors to enhance the Spa Lemonade)
Sweetener (To keep it healthy, use agave nectar or honey.Local is best but any honey will do. You can also use pureed apples or just apple juice, about 2 cups, to help with flavor. You can also use stevia. You can add more lemon juice to make stronger or weaker. It’s up to you. There are concentrated flavor teas and raspberry or strawberry enhancers where you squeeze a few drops into your water to add flavor without adding all the sugar and chemicals.

You can garnish your cups with raspberries, mint, lemon wheels and even sliced cucumber. You can even freeze these in your ice cubes for added presentation.

You’re only limited by your imagination, so enjoy and have fun!