New 2014 Lemonade Alley Vid!

by | Sep 20, 2014 | Alley News

Huge Mahalos to Dennis Burns and 1013 Integrated Branding for yet another super awesome Lemonade Alley video!

FYI, Dennis is one of the Founding Fathers of Lemonade Alley. As the story goes, he and Steve Sue (Chief Lemon Head) were talking story one day about the coming APEC (Asian Pacific Economic Cooperative) Conference where 21 world leaders including President Obama were coming to chat about the state of the world economy. Dennis was in charge of building the APEC TV channel and Steve was there to help.

In that era, the economy was in the beginning of a tough recession so there was a lot of monku going around. Worse yet, Hawai’i businesses weren’t expected to get much limelight from the world press, so Steve and Dennis conjured up a scheme to get some of that TV time pointing to our local economy… and thus, Lemonade Alley was born…

Hey, 2011 FLASHBACK!!!

Here’s the very first video Dennis shot in 2011 for Lemonade Alley, starring cookie entrepreneur Wally Amos. this video was an amazing team effort that included dynamic editing and graphics duo Shirley Thompson Stan Chang of