Congratulations 2014 L Alley Teams!

by | Apr 13, 2014 | Alley News, Contest Tips

Whoa kids! You all blew my socks off this year with your inventive culinary, retail and pitching skills. I was so amazed at how each booth and recipe was different than has ever been done before. SHOCKING cause I thought I’d seen and tasted it all after 3 years of Lemonade Alley, but you guys kicked it up a few notches this year. I’m sooooo proud of all of you I just want to cry. 🙂

The financial performance will soon be published and you’ll all be sent some or all of the following: more goodies, award checks and charity contribution checks… yes, you get to present the checks to your charity. We suggest that you contact them before going as they may want to be ready to take a picture with you or call the press to come and cover you guys being generous.

Once again, I’m super proud of you all and thank you for putting so much effort into Lemonade Alley as a way to help your charities.

Love, Lemons & Aloha,

Steve 🙂

Your friend & Chief Lemon Head