2014 Workshops Online!

by | Mar 28, 2014 | Alley News, Contest Tips

Thanks to Dennis Burns of 1013 Integrated Branding for producing and directing our entire workshop series this year! Over three Saturdays, Dennis gave up his normal triathlon workouts to tape our sessions at Pearlridge Center in Aiea. Dennis also tasked his staff during the week days to edit and title all of the content, so be sure to spill a little lemony love on him when you see him at the main event this year!

Thanks also to all of our Workshop mentors: Chef Matt from ChefZone & Y. Hata, Chefs Jake & Jon from Hyatt Regency, Anj Lum from Bennet Group Communications, Kathy Lee from Kathy Lee Style, Heather Williams from Art Explorium, Toby Portner & Hayley Bird from Hawaii Fashion Institute (HIFI), Kathy Sills from Aloha Pops, Paula Jepas from ChefZone & Y. Hata, Dennis Burns from 1013 Integrated Branding and Mark Brekke from the Hawaii Department of Education.

Huge thanks also to Joe Hee of Asound Advice for providing slammin’ sound, Pearlridge Center for an awesome workshop space and Kimee Balmilero for being the best emcee ever!

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