Here’s a Tip!

by | Feb 28, 2014 | Contest Tips

To hold a reservation for Lemonade Alley, all you need is two kids K-12. You can add more after you lock up your reservation. And if you need some help gathering more kids, check out company, non-profit, family and teacher promo kits for Ohana Teams, or $1,000 bill flyers featuring Lemon Guy!

More Big Ideas?

1. Gathering a team from a workplace is a sure-fire way to build teamwork, morale and community relationships. You’ll also connect with the charity of your choice and get seen doing good deeds, which of course gets your message out in a positive way. Live Aloha, Give Aloha.

2. You can have as many mentors and helpers as you like. In past years, some teams have come with as many as 30 people in one booth! That means you’re building Ohana among many.

3. Connect early with your charity and stay connected. They’ll deliver patrons to your booth, which gives them more money and gives you a greater chance of success toward that big prize!

Good luck kidpreneurs!