Lemonade Recipe Tip from Chef Kyle Higa!

by | Apr 17, 2013 | Alley News, Contest Tips

Q&A with Chef Kyle Higa, Hyatt Regency Waikiki Beach Hotel

Question:  If we prepare lemonade ahead of the Main Event and freeze it, will it affect the freshness?  

Answer:  Freezing freshly made lemonade is not a good idea because it is losing the freshness and fragile flavor profile. Especially if the lemonade is made with fresh, natural inspired flavors like basil or lemon grass etc. It could also turn bitter, if made with some lemon skin or the added flavors could over power the juice (chili becomes stronger over time)

In general terms it is possible to freeze juice without any major problems but quality will always suffer a bit.  If there is no other way around than freezing my recommendation would be to only freeze the juice and mix the ingredients on the actual day. The length of freezing an item doesn’t matter. Under normal circumstances everything will last for up to 6 month in the freezer before getting freezer burned or turning…

I hope this helps!