New Lemonade Alley 2013 Video!

by | Mar 28, 2013 | Alley News, Contest Tips

Yo Lemonites! We have a  brand new and truly awesome video for Lemonade Alley 2013 thanks to the artfulness of the supreme lemonographer Oriana Bolden, Check it out at! It’s so fun, we played it over and over and over again!

Ms. Oriana will also bring her artful eye to all of the workshops and the main event so look for her work in the coming weeks with her fancy cameras and gadgits. Ms. Oriana also does video mentoring and rents those fancy Go Pro Hero cameras at her company ShootHI.

Now get your yellow on for 2013… Lemonade Alley is ready to roll!… and squeeze… and squirt… and get sloppy, squishy, sour… See you on April 27th!