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by | Nov 16, 2011 | Alley News

CONGRATULATIONS to all the finalist teams who competed in Lemonade AlleyAs Wally would say, “you’re ALL winners, there are NO losers at Lemonade Alley!” That said, it’s our sincere hope that all you kids learned a lot about business, got closer with your friends and families, and felt good about helping some very worthy causes.

You all should be very proud to have helped create a new community event, served thousands of cups of GREAT lemonade for charity and sent a message to the world that you are preparing yourselves to be tomorrow’s leaders.

Now on the prizes, there were some awards handed out for business performance as rated through 5 key criteria: Taste Test, Booth Design, Oral Presentation, Marketing and Profit Margin. So without further ado, here’s the teams that got the goods:

Grades K-2: “Little Sisters, Big Ideas”

Carlee Iinuma & Leah Nishiguchi

Grades 3-6: “Sour Things + Sweet Thoughts”

Emily Ching, Hannah Hiraki, Nikye Makishima, Kristen Yokoyama, Allyson Yuasa

Grades 7-9: “Crazy-ade”

Auastin Okazaki, Joshua Chun, Ethan Ariyoshi

Grades 10-12: “Lemon Grenades”

Timothy Ho, Indi Walter, Mitchell Kwock

Best Sugarless Recipe: “Ponolicious”

Izabella Sakoda, Kamryn Sonson

To check out the prize-winning teams and their scores Click Here

Thanks for playing at Lemonade Alley!

See you next year!