A “Mahalo” from Manoa

by | Oct 24, 2011 | Alley News

We’ve met so many smart kids and are totally impressed by the creativity we’re seeing in the Lemonade Alley online entries. As the judging process begins, it’s important that everyone keeps in mind our core mission – to help kids gain street-smarts about business through a fun and engaging experience. We recently received a letter from a team advisor that perfectly sums it up:


Thank you very much for your help at Manoa Elem School today.  We just got back home and were able to successfully submit our entry for  Sour Things + Sweet Thoughts with the info you provided us.  I received the email confirmation of our successful submission.  Phew, what a relief!  The girls would’ve been really disappointed if we missed the deadline. 

Our girls are so excited and they are looking forward to the results.  They learned so much from this exercise.  They created their own logo and tagline (the story of how this came about is long, funny and interesting), uniform, posters, labels, marketing flyer w/ pre-sale and donation pledges, etc.

Below is the link to the YouTube video we helped them create with photos of them “working hard” and all the “stuff” they produced.  They tried their best to use what was available at home to minimize expenses.  For example, they made lemons out of yarn(cost less than .05 each) and only purchase plastic lemons (cost about $1.00 each) for their tic-tac-toe games.  As I said, they learned so much from this experience.

Sour Things + Sweet Thoughts

Finalist or not, they have definitely learned a lot about entrepreneurism thanks to this contest.  Please know that you and your organization have made a positive impact on  five 10-years girls!!!! 

Again, thank you for all your help and support!

– L. Y.

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