K-12 Social Venture Challenge


Students sell lemonade to support a charity of their choice

How It Works


Lemonade Alley is currently in hiatus due to the threat of COVID-19. We are however busy converting the challenge for teachers to run it in their own classrooms or campuses.

Lemonade Alley Coronavirus COVID-19 Threat



This is a major hack. At lemonade Alley, students become mixologists, create retail stores, serve at an “Iron Chef” style taste test and perform a 1-minute sales pitch on stage ~ all to raise money for a charity of their choice. 

Benefits include epic SWAG bags, amazing awards and sweet prizes including winning recipes going on to commercial production at places like Jamba Juice, Gyotaku, Uncle Bo’s Restaurants and The Honolulu Mayor’s Mango Jam.

Students gain skills, build their resumes and support our local community as they find their hero within.

Lemonade Alley

The art of “Profit to Share!”

Express your creativity, learn entrepreneurship, affect the world in positive ways AND have fun!

A Word From

The Chief Lemon Head

Calling all Lemon-preneurs! We need you to step up and help your community. We’re looking for young heroes. Heroes who want to make cool stuff. Heroes want to support charities. If that’s you, then get your lemons on and sign up for Lemonade Alley.

On behalf of the Bizgenics, I salute you for joining our entrepreneurial challenge of Profit to SHARE!

Love, Lemons & Aloha,


Sneak Peek!

“Lemonade Alley is the venue in which the application of learning (math, reading, writing skills), the application of soft skills (communication, perseverance, reflection, collaboration), and empathy building & compassion takes place. The greatest part is that learning is fun and all for a good cause! Our returning students have always asked us the following year if they can participate again in this awesome event, and our answer is always yes!”

Amy Santos

STEM / Makerspace Resource Teacher, Kaimiloa Elementary

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